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Professional property styling - why every home benefits from it
By: Teneale Elphinstone
May 31, 2023

Professional property styling, also known as home staging, offers several benefits for homeowners looking to sell a property quickly and at a higher price. Here are some of the key benefits of professional property styling:

1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: 

Property styling helps create an attractive and appealing environment within a home. Professional stylists have an eye for design and know how to arrange furniture, use colours and add decorative elements to highlight the property's best features, making it visually appealing to potential buyers. 

2. Increased Buyer Interest:

When a property is professionally styled, it stands out among competing listings. The improved visual presentation captures buyers' attention and generates more interest in the property. Styling can help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space, increasing their emotional connection to the home. 

3. Highlighting Space and Functionality:

Professional property stylists have expertise in optimising space and functionality. They can arrange furniture and décor in a way that maximises the flow and functionality of each room, making the space feel larger and more functional. This allows buyers to see the full potential of the property and its various living areas. 

4. Minimised Flaws and Distractions:

Stylists can help minimise the impact of any flaws or undesirable features in a property. By strategically placing furniture and using appropriate accessories, they can draw attention away from flaws and highlight the property's positive aspects instead. 

5. Faster Sale:

A professionally styled property often sells faster than an unstyled one. The enhanced visual appeal and improved presentation can attract more potential buyers, leading to a quicker sale. This is particularly important in a competitive real estate market where buyers have numerous options to choose from. 

6. Potential for Higher Selling Price:

Staged properties generally have the potential to command a higher selling price. When a property is styled to its fullest potential, buyers perceive it as more valuable and are willing to pay a premium. The investment in professional property styling can yield a significant return by increasing the sale price and maximising the property's value. 

7. Professional Guidance:

Property stylists provide expert guidance throughout the staging process. They have a deep understanding of current design trends and buyer preferences, allowing them to tailor the styling to the target market. Their experience and knowledge help create a cohesive and appealing look that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers. 

Overall, professional property styling offers numerous benefits, including enhanced visual appeal, increased buyer interest, optimised space and functionality, minimised flaws, faster sale, potential for a higher selling price, and expert guidance throughout the process. By investing in professional property styling, homeowners and real estate agents can significantly improve the chances of selling a property quickly and at a desirable price. 

Our local Lockyer Valley Property Stylist is Clare from Clare Elizabeth Design.  A qualified Interior Designer, Colour Consultant and Property Stylist.  Clare offers in home consultations to help you assess the level of styling you need, whether it’s arranging hire furniture to fully stage a vacant home, or helping you improve the presentation of your property using your existing furniture and decor.  Her services are 100% tailored to each individual client and property.  Contact Clare to start preparing your property for sale and maximise your results.


Ph. 0409 570 783  

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